A game to put you in a better mood.

What is Drinkards?

It's a fun mobile drinking game for any number of players. It's a great way to break the ice at a party, to make new friends, or to bond with old ones! It's designed to crush boredom and puts everyone in a better mood!

How do I play?

You take turns drawing Drinkards that tell you, or the whole group, to complete challenges, answer trivia questions, or put you in wacky scenarios. The cards will tell you to take or give out drinks (a 'drink' is a small sip).

How do I win?

After each card, you take a Sobriety Test. There are different tests, and each one asks you to beat a mini-game as quickly as possible. The time you take determines your score, and the player with the lowest B.A.C.* wins!

Drinking Cards!

drinkard titled nick

Sobriety Tests!

sobriety test walk the line
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Download Drinkards using one of the links below!
* Drinkards does not calculate your real-life B.A.C. - the scores shown are simply for fun. Always drink responsibly when playing Drinkards.